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Next Level Nutrition is pioneering in the sports nutrition industry, as the first ever online-only dietetics consultancy. Through the use of web technologies, sports dietitian Alan McCubbin brings a premium level of support and guidance to clients. He explains the science in your language, and works in partnership with clients to define their goals realistically and practically, translating cutting edge science to educate & support you to achieve them. Clients walk away with life long skills that will benefit their health, fitness and performance.

With the online clinic, clients of Next Level Nutrition receive unprecedented benefits, including:

  • The flexibility to consult with Alan from anywhere, via the web or phone
  • The convenience to book and change your own appointments online whenever it suits you, via your secure login
  • A clear summary of your goals, nutrition requirements and action plan
  • A suggested eating plan developed in collaboration with you
  • Access to online sports nutrition presentations, which break down the science into practical take home messages. Review them anywhere, anytime. Just log in to the website.
  • Email support to help keep you on track and troubleshoot those tricky situations


How does online consulting work?

 Consult Process


Why a sports dietitan?

SDA Accredited Sports Dietitians have a unique set of skills and training, setting them apart from other professions in the health, fitness and sports industries. An SDA Advanced Sports Dietitian is one who has achieved at least six times the minimum requirement to become an Accredited Sports Dietitian, and maintains this level with re-accreditation every three years. 

Accredited and Advanced Sports Dietitians are trained in clinical nutrition as well as sports science, and provide a range of services for sporting teams, athletes and active people looking to improve their health, fitness and performance. At Next Level Nutrition, Advanced Sports Dietitian Alan McCubbin provides the following services:

  • Training & competition nutrition
  • Strength & conditioning nutrition
  • Dietary modification for medical, religious or cultural reasons
  • Nutrition education and life skill development (including cooking)
  • Nutrition supplementation advice and monitoring
  • Body composition measurement, monitoring and nutrition (to increase muscle or reduce body fat) - NB. body composition measurement can only be performed face-to-face. 




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