Well I'm back from a relaxing month off in February and early March, and boy has it been busy! Ironman Melbourne has been run and won for another year, and it was great to catch up with so many clients down at Frankston before the start. And a big congratulations to all those clients who achieved their goals for the race, whatever that may have been - PB's, Kona qualification or in some cases just seeing the finish time for their first ever Ironman.



Over 1,000 triathletes hit the water at the start of Ironman Melbourne in choppy seas. Notice the massive crowd on Frankston pier!


It's also been a busy period in March preparing two clients for Marathon des Sables. The "marathon of the sands" takes competitors over 250km through the Sahara Desert in Morocco on foot, with regular stages of over 35km a day, and one of around 85km. But the sting in the tail of this event is the focus on self-sustainability - competitors are required all their food, cooking facilities, clothing and bedding for the entire week of racing with them throughout the race! Only water is provided each day in rations. This certainly makes the practical application of sports nutrition a particularly challenging one - packing maximum nutrition (minimum of 2,000 Calories a day in the race rules) into the lightest possible weight. We managed to get both clients down to 5kg of food for the 6 days of racing. Marathon des Sables kicks off on the 5th of April.

And just when things look like settling down the Subaru National Road Series (cycling) kicks off in just a couple of weeks with the inaugural Tour de Perth. With several clients riding the NRS, as well as the search2retain p/b squad, it's going to be an exciting year of racing. Oh, and Richard Bowles is at it again on his next adventure!

Richard Bowles' next adventure - the Israeli National Trail

Ultra adventure runner Richard Bowles gets bored easily. If he's not running a long way - usually across an entire nation - he gets a little nervy. So after running the 5000+km Bicentennial National Trail in Australia, and then a few months later the 3000+km Te Araroa trail from the top of New Zealand to the bottom, he quickly scanned maps, eyed off adventure run projects. This time, he's venturing farther afield than the southern hemisphere and headed to one of the cradles of civilisation: Israel, a country that just happens to have a national trail. At 1009km, it's a little shorter than Rich is used to, but no worries, he'll just ramp up the daily kilometres to attempt to run the thing in 12 days by cranking out 85km each day.

Once again Next Level Nutrition is assisting Richard in preparing his nutrition for his next adventure. I caught up with Rich a couple of weeks again to work it all out. This time around he'll need a lot more energy each day because of the longer daily distances, and less opportunities to eat.

To find  out more about Richard's trip or the Israeli National Trail check out his website: 




Richard Bowles and Next Level Nutrition feature in the Autumn edition of Trail Run Magazine

You may recall a couple of months ago I mentioned I was writing a piece about planning the nutrition for Richard Bowles for the Bicentennial National Trail and the Te Araroa. Well it's now finished and published in the Autum edition (Ed. 08) of Trail Run Magazine (Aus/NZ). Trail Run is free to download - click here to go to the website.





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Best of luck to those Next Level Nutrition clients participating in events during the month of April:

5th-15th April - Marathon des Sables, Morocco - 250km self-sustaining desert ultramarathon

11th-14th April - Tour de Perth, Perth WA - National Road Series (Men) cycling tour 

14th April - Canberra Marathon, Canberra ACT - 42km marathon

14th April - Wombat 100, Woodend VIC - 100/50km Mountain Bike marathon

26th-28th April - Mersey Valley Tour, TAS - National Road Series (Women) cycling tour



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