Footy, road racing and the build up for the "other" Ironman

I really can't believe how fast this year is going. April already! It's been a hectic year so far and there's no sign of it letting up anytime soon. April brings a new focus for Next Level Nutrition and clients. The AFL footy season is already underway, and after Easter the local clubs will kick off.  The cycling crit season also came to an end last weekend. It was great to get down to the St Kilda Cycling Club crits and watch their club championship in action, in front of a huge crowd. Now the focus turns to the road racing season, where nutrition has a much greater impact on performance.

And at the end of March was of course Ironman Melbourne. It was fantastic to get down to Frankston for the start of this event, catch up with a few clients and cheer them on later in the day on the run course. Almost all of the Next Level Nutrition clients met or exceeded their goals for the race, with several PB's, age-group podiums and qualifiers for the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Congratulations to all of you - your hard work in preparing for this event certainly paid off!


Now it's the countdown to  the "other" Ironman, Ironman Australia at Port Macquarie. There's couple of Next Level Nutrition clients preparing for this race too, good luck to them as they enter the final four weeks before race day.


Running the Bicentennial National Trail - An update

Last month I wrote about the unique nutritional challenge that faces ultra runner Richard Bowles during his attempt to be the first person to run the Bicentenial Nationsl Trail from end-to-end. This month I thought I'd provide an update on the final preparations as well as Richard's progress so far.

In the final week before leaving from Healesville in the Yarra Valley I caught up with Richard to check out his "home" for the next 5.5 months. Most importantly I wanted to get a feel for the cooking facilities that Richard and his partner Vickie have available to them. And I've got to say that I'm impressed! Their Maui campervan has heaps of storage space, a gas cooker, microwave, hot water, kettle and toaster, even a BBQ that folds out of the side of the van! Richard kindly gave me a tour of the van, which I've recorded on video. Check out the You Tube clip.

Two days before his departure I also arranged for Richard to have a DEXA scan at BodyScan in the Melbourne CBD. A DEXA is a bit like a whole body, low dose x-ray. Originally designed to measure bone density and diagnose osteroporosis, DEXA scans have also been shown to be one of the best ways of accurately measuring body fat and fat free mass. This allowed us to get a very accurate snapshot of RIchard's body composition and bone density just prior to the run. When he returns we will repeat the scan to see what effect running 5330km has had on his body.


Then on the 25th March Richard left from Healesville at the beginning of the Bicentennial National Trail. Running between 25-70km a day, Richard has already reached Omeo in Victoria's High Country. Now two weeks into the run, we will start to monitor Richard's weight and energy levels to ensure he's receiving all the nutrition he needs.  To read more from Richard about how he's going out there check out his blog and Facebook page.


Caffeine -  Cultural phenomenon or performance enhancer?

Anyone involved in endurance sports (especially cycling) will no doubt be aware of the massive coffee culture. It's what  keeps so many cafes in Melbourne in business. To an outsider, the first question that springs to mind is "why do they do it?". No doubt the cafe is a big part of cycling culture and is as much social as anything else. But what about the effect of caffeine on performance? With caffeinated gels, sports drinks, tablets, energy drinks and of course coffee available to an athlete, let's look at the science behind caffeine and endurance performance.

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Best of luck to those Next Level Nutrition clients participating in events during the month of April:

15th April - Mount Baw Baw Cycling Classic, VIC - 97km road cycling race from Warragul to Mt Baw Baw

13th-15th April - UCI Moutain Bike World Cup, Houffalize, Belgium - XCO Mountain Biking

14th-15th April - Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney, NSW - Round 1 of the ITU World Triathlon Series

21st April - Melbourne Trailwalker, Melbourne VIC - 100km ultra marathon/charity walk

22nd April - Mount Solitary Ultra, Blue Mountains NSW - 45km trail run

22nd April - Wombat 100, Woodend VIC - 50 and 100km mountain bike marathon

22nd April - Ironman South Africa, Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Ironman triathlon

28th-29th April - South West Coast Tour, Warrnambool VIC - Road cycling stage race



 Alan McCubbin
B. Nutr Diet, AN, APD, Accredited Sports Dietitian
 Next Level Nutrition





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