Meet our Clients 

Next Level Nutrition has consulted to an enormous number of athletes from all walks of life, from Under 10 soccer players to Olympic athletes. Here's what a few of them had to say about their sports nutrition consultations.


Geoff Coombes

Founder of the Tour de Cure,  a cycling foundation, committed to funding vital Australian cancer research, support and prevention projects.


"Challenging ourselves to ride long distances (often bigger than any Tour de France Stage) requires a focused team committed to preparing ourselves and the team for the physical, mental and emotional journey it proves to be. Alan has been a pillar of support for the Tour de Cure since our inception in 2007, offering nutritional advice and providing a meal plan enabling our team to undertake these physical feats. His experience and analysis of what is required based on a very wide range of physical ability has held us in good stead on each annual charity ride tour. Alan has increased our knowledge in this area via his online educational modules which can only help those not able to see him in person. In 2009 Alan joined the team for the entire 10 day tour in what was surely our most demanding tour to date, riding from Brisbane to Cairns. His energy and commitment to his profession will I am sure see him working with some incredible elite athletes who need that extra few percent to break records. For the average athlete Alan can make marked improvements in your health and achievements of your goals".


Richard Bowles

The first person to run the Australian Bicentennial National Trail - the world's longest multi-use trail at 5330km from end-to-end. Also the first person to run the Te Araroa Trail - over 3000km from the north to south of New Zealand.


"When deciding to run a marathon every day for 5.5 months along Australia's Great Divide, I knew only one person could put together a nutrition plan for this kind of distance and that's Alan from Next Level Nutrition. He has given me a pratical eating plan which includes speciailist sports nutrition from my sponsors Musashi and PowerBar, combined with meals which can easily be prepared in the campervan which is my home for the duration of this adventure. Alan has been able to keep it simple which is exactly what I need in this logistically and physically challenging project".


Natalie & Stewart Sheffield

Age group triathletes 



"I thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know that Stu and I have been following your guidelines re. fuelling for training and racing and it is proving to be a winner. We are getting through loads of training right now including some very long 6-7hr endurance sessions and finishing the sessions feeling fatigued but without bonking or being wiped out for the next session. Recovery is much improved and speed endurance great".


Samantha Gash

The youngest person & only female to complete all four 4 Deserts ultramarathon races in a single year. One of only 6 starters in 2011 at the invite only La Ultra - The High ultramarathon - a 220km ultra at an average altitude of 4500m.


 "Your nutrition plan and consultations were crucial in enabling me to complete La Ultra. Big thanks Next Level Nutrition".


Ralph Glatz

Age Group Triathlete & Kona Qualifier (2013)


"I finished the 2013 Ironman Melbourne 7th in my age group (fasted bike split) and, in my 9th Ironman finish, I achieved my life long goal to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Alan, the nutrition plan you have developed for me has made a significant difference and enabled me to achieve my ultimate goal. I would not have achieved it without your support and nutrition plan - thank-you!!" 


Joel Shashoua

Recreational Cyclist


"I really enjoyed the presentations you did for the Tour de Cure riders. It has really changed my outlook on nutrition and I can feel the results already in my riding (although still have a couple of kgs to drop)". 


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